The 4 most important things you do not know WhatsApp.

 know about 4 the most important things of WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp is by far the No. 1 app with more than 1 billion active users tend to use. It is popular among users of both Android and iphone. This app is a daily feature of the new Apdets keep coming, which does not know about users. Do you have any confusion …

These users are also often confused with the question on social networking sites are also asking. Here we have something similar to the WhatsApp users ask questions. They WhatsApp You will also be aware of certain features.

Here’s some special features of those questions and WhatsApp …

1. WhatsApp account even after deleting your friends can read your old conversation?

After deleting your account number Permanent WhatsApp will disassociate from the server. But the old conversation of your friends will be visible. After deleting the account, just your information is deleted from the server chat.

2. What else can hack WhatsApp account? 

WhatsApp account all the new updates were launched in that is always on Security Top Priority. Current Apteds, Speshli Possible Hacking is not for beta users. Older versions may be hacking.


3. Deleted messages on WhatsApp could be recover?

If you previously backed up data on Google ID, or you can register on icloud, you can easily recover the data.

4. WhatsApp after a block, your profile picture it is visible?

If you block someone it your profile picture will not be visible until you do not

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