Advantage of refresh to desktop and laptop. Do you know

You’ll notice that the Windows computer desktop, right click on the Refresh option that appears. But have you ever wondered what this option does? Refresh your operating system and it helps to walk the rest of it?



You might be amazed that there is nothing to Refresh. On your computer you “desktop” view is actually a folder of the Windows operating system. It has been programmed in such a way that it would automatically refreshes are. As soon as any changes in its content, it automatically refreshes and shows it to those changes. For example, a new file or program icon on the desktop to paste it gives you to be yourself. But sometimes it does not happen automatically and do not reflect the changes on the desktop. Refresh Option is why, so you can refresh it manually. Learn further, what circumstances should use the Refresh feature …


When should refresh desktop

  1. The recently created in the desktop; Move, save, rename or delete folders or files are not visible.
  2.  If you Descop icon to re-align.
  3. If you do not see the icon on the desktop.
  4. Third-party files generated by the app may not be visible on the desktop.

Other similar situations, in which they change the desktop may not be visible, which should be seen.


Refresh this to happen

When you refresh the desktop in the circumstances described, updated content can be seen. Manually refresh the content on the desktop folder first, then the files by name in order to become re-order.

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