Block anyone easily on the Gmail

Do you know about blocking on Gmail anyone. Learn how to block anyone on Gmail with easy Mathoud.


Most people prefer the Gmail, or the use of his service will surely do the same. But it is not perfect anywhere. The Facebook Like you can not block a person in one click. If you have a website or email any more emails are coming from, you these mails would like to do something to stop them from reaching the inbox.

For this it would be …

1. Open Gmail> Sign> then search bar on top right corner in the blue Search button at the side of the trail, click the down arrow.

Enter the email ID in section 2. From now you want to block. You can put a particular email id ( or complete a domain itself (@> Then click Kriaet Filter> Delete It, the Czech> then click Kriaet filter. This particular email id that will move mail from your Trash folder. You’ll get a notification for these emails and they will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

3. If you are on a mail if you want to block the ID looked down arrow next to the Reply button. Then go to Filter Messages Like This. Now follow the previous instructions.

Gmail sender to stop sending mail to any mail ID feature does not block. If you wish to email from a particular email ID, follow the instructions above.

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