Close your Android smartphone Apps updates. Follow it.

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Many times that we have the Internet and too little balance back auto Android app update also kills the remaining Internet data. It is not always that you  could connect to Wi-Fi and do not get Wi-Fi everywhere in your country. However, Wi-Fi in parks and cities seem to have how a days, but still a large section of the village, away from the Wi-Fi. A good time to update the app with new features, so you get hands-on. But sometimes things are not in favor, and you do not want to be downloading smartphone, or do you want your phone to be downloaded,and that are in your control. So they can be for whatever reason you want to stop app auto updates. So download the app automatic feature is only good if kept closed.

You can follow bellow tips step by step

    • First go to Google Play Store to your Android smartphone. Open the Settings menu in the left side bar or go auto -update apps in the settings, you will see the name option. To select it.
    • Now you will have three option. Do not auto-update apps and you’re done selecting. There will be further updates in your smartphone app automatecly.
    • There were also two other option’s auto-update apps at any time and auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. If you auto-update apps any time, when selecting option apps in updated anytime.
    • then connect to your Wi-Fi or mobile SIM Smartphone network. The auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only option the smartphone apps will be updated only when connected to Wi-Fi.

This way you can change the Settings of your smartphone app updates. Later, when associated with a fast internet connection or Wi-Fi and if you want to update out dated apps can also easily. Left side of Google Play Store to your mobile just go to the menu bar. Now, tap on My apps & games. Now give tap Update All. All your apps will be updated one by one.

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