How to connect internet from smartphone with 4G speed

Learn how to connect Internet from smartphone into your Laptops and PCs with 4G speed. Connect Internet fast by using Smartphone’s Hotspot, USB tethring, Bluetooth tethring and use USB Dongle. This is a best way connect Internet into your PCs and Laptop.

Reliance Jio 4G SIM users that they have the Internet will only run on your Smartphone. However, with the help of 4G SIM Computer and Laptop for high speed Internet can be enjoyed. Users who film, serial or hobby, of watching videos they can make their experience better. However, 4G SIM, pCs or Laptops running on Internet user do not Know many trick. I will tell you in this post that how to connect Internet from Smartphone into your PC and Laptop.

              Best three way to connect Internet from Smartphone into PCs and Laptops……..

  1. USB Hotspot:

            Help her to feature in the Smartphone Hotspot Wi-Fi network can be                    connected to the laptop. So you can                      enjoy on the laptop 4G                  Internet speeds. These tricks will not work on the desktop computer,                    because it does                  not feature Wi-Fi.

            Connecting to Hotspot:

                  For connect to a Hotspot go to Settings > More >Personal                                Hotspot your Smartphone and set                                   name and                             password and connect Hotspot Internet into your Laptop with Wi-Fi.

2.USE OF USB Tethering:

         Smartphone, Laptop or Computer with the help of the Internet is the old              way of running. Android                                    Smartphone is a feature of                almost all USB Tethering. For this Unable this option by only users.

                 Connect the USB Tethering such: 

The first Smartphone from the Computer or Laptop with the help of                      USB cableconnect.Next, go to                                                                                            Smartphone’s Settings > More >USB Tethering for connect                            Internet .

3.Use Bluetooth Tethering:

          For this you can connect Internet with help Bluetooth Tethering. First                   open your laptop and Smartphone                      bluetooth and pair it. After             go to smartphone Settings > More > Blutooth Tethering and access             Internet              fast.

4. Use of Dongle: 

Dongle works with both PCs and Laptops. This is best way to connect Internet into your PC and Laptop. For                   connect Internet into Laptop and PC Insert 4G SIM in the Dongle. Next, you need to set APN and Internet                     service will start.

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