How to Open WhatsApp on your phone to another account

Learn how to open WhatsApp on your phone to another account. Open WhatsApp account on your Android smartphone step by step.

WhatsApp Now you can access your mobile account. It would look funny to you, but it’s true. For this we need to understand the trick. Indeed, as we have access to WhatsApp Kputr a TV or via mobile app can do so now. Although the friend’s WhatsApp also want to run in your phone, for a while at the beginning of his mobile phone, you will need to.

Nowadays everyone is riding on the ghost of WhatsApp head. Nowadays the young morning after the first Czech WhatsApp and gold seem to have time with him before. Nowadays everyone is connected to WhatsApp often think that we are about our friend that does it all is? However, we do not know about it, but we have a trick on your friends, your phone can open the account is WhatsApp. Yes it’s true, just simple little trick you this is Ajmani. WhatsApp your friends in your phone and then you can open the account.WhatsApp Now you can access your mobile account.

Android operating system will need to …

Open WhatsApp on your phone to another account step by step….


    1. In the Android Play Store’s app installs have to go right after him Whtsskan Whtsap four.
    2. After installing the language selected. After installing the app on your Android Smartfone your language.
    3. Then the password will have to. After that you will have to create your password PIN or pattern.
    4. QR Code Now you will see. Now you like computers and televisions from your phone to scan the QR code you can access on your phone to your friend’s account.

  1. Open your friend’s mobile to the WhatsApp. Now your friend’s mobile web WhatsApp Open and then went on options WhatsApp Web Open Open will be followed by a QR scanner.
  2. Now to scan the QR Code. After an open web in WhatsApp scanner is now installed in your mobile app QR Code Scan the Open and him.
  3. After the scan can complete Using.Once the scan is loaded on your phone, your friend will Whtsap. Before long you will be able to fully access the mobile WhatsApp.
  4. Both will buzz in the mobile. With this app you can message anyone he would save the message in your friend’s mobile WhatsApp. WhatsApp whom you are running.

You can use the WhatsApp. After using it logout .

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