how to reset laptop or computer windows password, follow these tips.

Forget the password for a computer or laptop is common nowadays. That’s because we use today we take, such as passwords so that the application of some or forget the password is common. People often use the password to lock the phone. So often people forget to put the password in your computer or laptop.

Due to which it becomes difficult to unlock the computer or laptop. But today  I’m going to do some steps before you go with the visits to your password problem of forget comes off, it may be the tricks.

Reset your Windows passwords:

  1. First boot disk to Windows. Then click Repair your computer option. The option on the left corner of the screen of the computer or laptop will appear.
  2. Then the system to boot the system and the system’s installation disc insert the restart.
  3. Then press Window key +R . This command prompt will come up on the screen of the Computer or Laptop.
  4. In the command prompt copy c:windowssystem32.exe c: type and press Enter. Then a window will open on the screen, the copy c:windowssystem32cmd.exe command type. Then the Laptop and computer Reboot.
  5. Before you Reboot the system after the login screen will open. Press Shift key 5 times now. By doing so your system will be open on the screen Administrator Command prompt.
  6. Then the user command to Reset the Password type. Then the system can log in with the new.
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