WhatsApp is bringing these great feature for you in the new year 2017

Instant messaging app WhatsApp users for 2016 was very impressive. Video calling, video streaming features such as message encryption and since 2017 also a few new features to entice users to your WhatsApp is going to come from.

What will be new in 2017 WhatsApp?

In 2016, more than 160 million users in India are connected to WhatsApp. Video calling, video streaming, animated gif image in 2017 after features such as WhatsApp is planning to bring three new feature.

Saint Message Edit option, messages and status Undo option tab features three new potential that is coming up in 2017, WhatsApp.

1. St. Message Edit Option

Many times it happens that you have to WhatsApp to send a message to someone, but it goes to someone else by mistake. So many times ’embarrassment’ is too. But in such cases there is no need to panic, because WhatsApp is going to bring this feature, the incoming message can be edited.

WABearvideo Twitter account, according to WhatsApp message, edit the feature is going to bring. Send the message to mean the spelling mistake in it or something looks wrong, you may be able to edit messages that turned sand.

2. Withdraw Message Option

WABearvideo Twitter account, according to the new feature of WhatsApp messages will be revoked or the option to undo, meaning messages sent may be withdrawn before reaching the receiver. This feature will like Gmail Undo Send option.


Gmail to send email to any of the following final few seconds to send that email can be prevented, just a few seconds to send WhatsApp messages in the message will have the option to withdraw.

3. Status tab

Messaging app WhatsApp new feature will work like Snapcat Story. The status option after WhatsApp users will be able to add your picture and video text and emoji. These photos will appear to people on your contact list.

The feature is still in testing phase, however, the status of WhatsApp. This feature is just routed Jelbroken iOS and Android devices will get the phone itself.

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